About Us

About Our Business
The business, now known as Tri-State Souvenir & Novelty, began in a garage in 1979,
as a coloring book and toy distributor in Evansville, Indiana.  Soon after, music was
added to the product line in the form of 8-track tapes and eventually cassette tapes.
However, as our company evolved, our focus became servicing interstate locations
such as:  Truck Stops, Travel Centers, and C-Stores.  As a result, souvenirs became
the heart of our product line.  We began developing comprehensive custom souvenir
programs, backed by a service network throughout the Midwest.  Also included in our
product lines are assorted gifts and novelty items–where we have a reputation for
carrying the latest and fastest selling items available.  Currently, we supply most of the
top companies in the travel plaza industry where we are known for our outstanding
product, personal service, and unique merchandising solutions.